Feb. 5th, 2016

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Robin had really had no idea. He thought he did. He'd heard the stories, even thought he'd believed them. But he was learning that no, he'd really had no idea about auditioning over and over again for the same project. He'd first read just before Christmas, and since then, every few weeks he'd get a call to come back in. He'd read, he'd sung and played the guitar and banjo, read again, was asked if he could play the mandolin, started learning the mandolin...

Learning the mandolin mun apologizes if he's getting this wrong was less about the mechanics of the differences between stringed instruments, as it was figuring out how the same songs sounded on a different instrument.

He'd even been asked if he had any stunt training. He did! Lucky for him he'd started taking stunt training, mostly for the adventure of it, this past summer. And now he was back again.

He'd read all the magazines in the waiting room, so he'd started bringing in his own material. He was scanning the notices in Variety when a shadow fell over him. He glanced up and saw someone's rear end descending upon him.

"Ack!! Occupied! Occupied!"

"Woah!" the owner of the rear end leaped up and spun around, and Robin found himself looking into the startled and mortified face of Bruce Campbell. "Oh, hey, sorry little guy." Bruce said. "I uh...didn't see you there."

"I get that a lot."


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