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Rob Tapert, executive producer of Argonauts had invited everyone to dinner at the Skyview Restaurant for a big announcement.

When Lucy Lawless picked Robin up from the beach where he'd been enjoying a spot of surfing, she looked at him quizzically. "Robin why are you wearing a wetsuit?"

Robin looked down at himself, as if just noticing it. "I don't know." he admitted. "It's just what you wear when surfing isn't it?"

Lucy just rolled her eyes affectionately. Muppets could be so funny about clothes. Her young cast-mate was the only person she knew who actually put on more clothing to go swimming.

"Do you know what the announcement is? Mr. Tapert wouldn't have invited us to dinner if the pilot did badly would he?"

She shrugged. "Dunno, maybe it's a consolation party."

It wasn't.

"Congratulations everyone!" Rob Tapert grinned. "We've got a full season commitment from the studio!"

Humans and Muppets alike cheered, and the Penguin crew members popped up into the air, as Muppet penguins did.

"No more stressing about how the pilot did," he continued, "Time to start stressing about whether or not our first season does well enough to get a second."

"Hooray for different stress!"

[Open for correspondence.]
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Robin was super excited, and super nervous about tomorrow. It was the first read through of the pilot for Argonauts, the series he'd been cast in. He'd actually met most of the cast already at a meet and greet last week. And he'd worked with Michael Cain, met several celebrities while "helping out" with the Muppet Show.

Even so, he was a tiny green bundle of nerves. He was actually more nervous about forgetting that it was the early 90's and not the 21st century. He'd forgotten that at the meet and greet and Lucy Lawless had asked what twitter was.

He'd explained that he'd gone to a high school in the future, figuring he could always pass it off as a joke if necessary.

"Well of course you did." she shrugged, and he couldn't tell if she was just humoring him or not. Sometimes with actors, Robin had learned, that could be difficult.

"Hey, Robin, you mind a bit of advice?" Rowlf asked. Robin was staying at his place while he was in the country.


"Don't get too worried about your delivery with those lines you're trying to memorize." he said. "It'll change when you're actually working with the rest of the cast."

[Open for calls and the like.]
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I'm gonna be on tv!!!! Well if the pilot gets picked up.

I'm gonna be in a TV pilot! We film in New Zealand, and it's based on greek mythology and I'm playing Orpheus. Yee!
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Back home, it was 2016, only about a decade after the year it had been in Fandom time when he'd first come to the island. Weird!!

He didn't even bother trying to figure out when it was now. He just enjoyed being back. And it was perfect timing really.

Cut for exposition )

Having reached a lull in his acting career, Robin could use some time to chill, catch up with old freinds, and maybe see if he could figure out what to do next.
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Woah. He got the job.

Woah, he got the job!

"That's great!" he said to Bernie over the phone. "Yeah I'll be right over to get the details." He was pleased, but very calm and professional.

Until he hung up.


He'd panic and freak out about now, not screwing up the job, later.
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Robin had really had no idea. He thought he did. He'd heard the stories, even thought he'd believed them. But he was learning that no, he'd really had no idea about auditioning over and over again for the same project. He'd first read just before Christmas, and since then, every few weeks he'd get a call to come back in. He'd read, he'd sung and played the guitar and banjo, read again, was asked if he could play the mandolin, started learning the mandolin...

Learning the mandolin mun apologizes if he's getting this wrong was less about the mechanics of the differences between stringed instruments, as it was figuring out how the same songs sounded on a different instrument.

He'd even been asked if he had any stunt training. He did! Lucky for him he'd started taking stunt training, mostly for the adventure of it, this past summer. And now he was back again.

He'd read all the magazines in the waiting room, so he'd started bringing in his own material. He was scanning the notices in Variety when a shadow fell over him. He glanced up and saw someone's rear end descending upon him.

"Ack!! Occupied! Occupied!"

"Woah!" the owner of the rear end leaped up and spun around, and Robin found himself looking into the startled and mortified face of Bruce Campbell. "Oh, hey, sorry little guy." Bruce said. "I uh...didn't see you there."

"I get that a lot."
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Having a connected relative could be both a boon, and a burden in Hollywood. Especially if you wanted to not rely on said relative to get you work.

Kermit had introduced Robin to showbiz in the first place. He had recognized in his nephew the same drive to perform that he felt in himself. But he also knew what could happen to young actors. So even while he let Robin hang out at the theater during the years the Muppet Show was on, he'd tried to limit the boy's actual involvement.
Let him absorb the atmosphere, see how things work. But protect him too.

Now Robin was an adult and eager to get a career going. But he wanted to do it it as much on his own as he could. He'd been okay with Uncle Kermit introducing him to Bernie Brillstein, but beyond that...

The problem was, short of changing your name (and even that wasn't a garuntee) it was pretty much impossible for a famous relative not to be a factor. Plus Robin was a Muppet. And a frog. And tiny. It kind of limited the roles available.

Between busking and convention appearances he was managing to support himself well enough, but thus far he'd had no luck with auditions.

Then me met Sam Raimie and Rob Tapert.
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Robin was always pretty nervous before going to the dentist. Lots of people were, but knowing that didn't make him feel any better. Fortunately the dentist Uncle Kermit had recommended was a very nice lady.

"Hi there!" she smiled at the tiny Muppet. "You must be Robin! Kermit's...nephew?"

"Uh huh."

"You look just like him." she said, helping him up onto the special chair she used for her smaller patients.

"I get that a lot." Robin giggled.

"So did you have any particular concerns? Any pain? Sensitivity?"

"Uh, no, no nothing like that. Just uhm, routine cleaning." He hoped it would be routine.

Later, after receiving a clean bill of health, he managed to ignore the baffled looks a lot of the other patients gave him. He also managed to refrain from a slightly snarky 'google it!' Since Google would not be around for about a decade or so.
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There was a little green MetaHobbit perched on the railing of one of the walkways in the convention hall, strumming a banjo. Robin had decked himself out in weetiny ren-fest shirt and pants, and glued crepe hair to the tops of his flippers. He'd even donned a weetiny brown wig.

One girl who was listening, frowned. "Isn't that an odd choice of music for a metaHobbit?"

"Probably!" Robin agreed cheerfully. Then he finished Phantom of the Opera and launched into "No Woman No Cry". "Is this better?" he asked.

Laughing, the girl began dancing. "Yes!"
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Guess who's going to be a guest at DragonCon!! I've got a table in the signing room and I'll be on a couple of panels!

Hope some of you can make it! I know it's kind of short notice, but the whole thing wasn't finalized until just today. Apparently they kept thinking they were booking Nibor the Newt.
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Well, I have an agent! It helps that he was already Uncle Kermit's agent. But Mr. Brillstein is really nice and he's given me some great advice. He's already on the lookout for projects for me. He says I'm probably gonna be kind of a niche performer, but that shouldn't stop me from pursuing jobs outside that niche. (that being cute, good guy roles in the children or teen genre) Plus musicals. He also suggested I look into starting a separate music career, and that in the meantime, I can make a decent living doing fan conventions.

I had no idea there were Muppet conventions.

Time for celebration surfing!!
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From Fandom Pics
"Excuse me," said a dark wild haired Muppet, "But your name wouldn't happen to be Scarlet would it?" His accent marked him as British, and he was dressed all in black.

Robin's perplexed look probably resembled his Uncle Kermit's quite a bit. "Er, no."

His seat mate shrugged. "Worth a shot." He showed Robin the box in his lap. It was an old shoebox. "I found this under my seat back east." There were a number of items in the box including a bit of red thread and a bottle of golden glitter. "It's quite fascinating. I think I'll write a story about it."

"Are you a writer?"

"Oh yes. I'm on my way to Los Angeles to try my hand at being a screenwriter. I've had modest success with comics so far."

As it turned out, almost everyone on the bus was on their way to LA hoping to get into show biz somehow. There was a stunt team consisting mostly of penguins, an aspiring Rock Band called either the Celts, or the Modern Minstrals. They couldn't decide.

When they discovered that Robin was also a musician, and moreover, Kermit the Frog's own nephew, they insisted on jamming with him.

Considering their destination, Robin figured he knew the perfect song.

"Movin' right along in search of good times and good news,
With good friends you can't lose,"

"This could become a habit!" a red headed girl who'd earlier introduced herself as Myra joined in.
"Opportunity knocks once let's reach out and grab it"

"Yeah!" the Penguins cheered.

"Together we'll nab it,
We'll hitchhike, bus or yellow cab it!"

"Cab it?" Robin's seat-mate, Neil asked.

"Movin' right along." Robin continued,
"Footloose and fancy-free.
Getting there is half the fun; come share it with me.
Moving right along"

"Doog-a-doon doog-a-doon," even the driver, an actual Greyhound was getting into the spirit.

"We'll learn to share the load.
We don't need a map to keep this show on the road."

"Movin' right along," the band picked up the tune quickly.
"We've found a life on the highway.
And your way is my way,
So trust my navigation."

More and more of the passengers were joining in. Models, aspiring film-makers, photographers etc. "California here we come, the pie-in-the-sky-land.
Palm trees, and warm sand.
Though sadly we just left Rhode Island."

"We did what?!" Neil exclaimed.

"Just forget it." Myra advised. "Movin' right along
Hey LA, where've you gone?
Send someone to fetch us, were in Sasketchewan!"

"Movin' right along
You take it, you know best." The band's lead singer passed his microphone to Robin.

Robin however was momentarily confused, he had the feeling they were going the wrong way. "Hey, I've never seen the sun come up in the West?"

No problem, the Penguins were dancing in the isle, ready to pick up the slack.
"Movin' right along.
We're truly birds of a feather,
We're in this together and we know where we're going.
Movie stars with flashy cars and life with the top down.
We're storming the big town,"

"Yeah, Storm is right should it be snowing?" Neil worried, as the bus drove through a brief blizzard.

"Uh, no I don't think so..." the driver said, unconcerned.

"Movin' right along,
Do I see signs of men?" Neil was now singing as well.

"Yeah, 'welcome' on the same post that says 'come back again.'" observed a Gila Monster wearing a fedora. "Moving right along, nice town!
Footloose and fancy-free,
You're ready for the big time..."

"Is it ready for me?" everyone wondered aloud.

"Movin' right along,
Movin' right along,
Movin' right along,
Movin' right along."
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Floyd, New Mexico to be exact. That was where Doc and Sprockett now resided, and so where Robin was spending a few days before he could get transportation to Albuquerque and then to California.

Doc had been surprised to see Robin, whom he had met years ago when he and Sprockett had rented Fozzie's mother's house for a quiet Christmas. Things had not quite gone as planned, since Fozzie had invited every Muppet he knew to spend Christmas at the house.

And though he hadn't quite recalled Robin's name, he'd remembered that holiday fondly.

Soon after arriving, Robin sent off a quick e-mail to his friends;

Hi everybody! I'm back from Fraggle Rock, and I have to say, I've never felt sorry for tall people before, but since you can't go see Fraggle Rock for yourselves...anyway I took a lot of pictures.

I can't say I've come back with any better idea of what to do next, but I have returned, feeling better about not knowing. The fact is, I can do anything! And I can't wait to see what happens next!
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Robin had known even before emerging from the tunnel, that once again they had come to the wrong place. According to Gobo Doc and Sprockett lived in the desert. And Robin could smell, and hear the sea even through the walls of the building the tunnel opened into.

But Robin felt like exploring a bit. Interestingly enough, the man who lived here (which as it turned out was a British lighthouse), B.J. also had a dog named Sprockett.

Needing a break, Robin and the Fraggles took advantage of B.J.'s hospitality, in the form of a picnic. The rocky coast of the island was beautiful, and though Boober was too worried about the waves to approach the shore, they were having a wonderful time.

They had also been introduced to a Muppet Seal, a local girl named Saoirse. After dinner, she sang for them.

"'Tis a traditional Seal song." she told them. After a verse or two, Robin and Gobo accompanied her.


Jul. 11th, 2015 10:35 am
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"Are you sure this is the right tunnel?" Wembly asked. They had been travelling quite a while since Robin's failed attempt to get back home.

"Well..." Gobo said vaguely. "Not really. I know I've been in this tunnel before. And I know it leads to Outer Space."

Outer Space was what the Fraggles called the surface world. There were many openings from Fraggle Rock, all over the globe, and apparently, even other worlds.

"Hey maybe this one leads to Fozzie's Mom's house." Robin suggested. He would be okay with that. It'd be simple enough to get home from there.


"Hallo, was machst du denn hier unten?"

Nope, not Fozzie's Mom's house.

"Uh, do you speak English?"

"Englisch? Ich fürchte nicht. Sprechen Sie Deutsch?"

"German?" Robin guessed.


"Er, no. No sorry. I guess I got the wrong tunnel again. Sorry to bother you."

"Keine Sorgen machen. Viel Glück."


Jul. 10th, 2015 01:51 pm
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Apparently, even Fraggles as proficient at pathfinding and exploring as Gobo can get turned around. Or possibly Fraggle Rock could be as tricky as portalocity or the Fandom Causeway. Whatever the reason, Robin was not expecting to emerge from the tunnel into what appeared to be a very well stocked kitchen.

Apparently the resident canine was not expecting to see him either. He lunged at Robin, barking.

"Le bark! Le woof!"

Robin escaped onto the table, but in the process he put the dog between himself and the Fraggle hole.

"Croquette? Que faites-vous aboyer?" said a voice. It was followed soon after by a chef, who took in the situation quickly enough. "Oh! Une grenouille! Belles jambes."

Robin didn't know French, but he knew about certain french cuisine that he was not eager to supply.

"Look! A distraction!" he cried, pointing over the chef's shoulder. Both he and the dog, Croquette, Robin guessed, looked to see what he was pointing at.

Yoing! Robin bounded as quickly as he could for the hole, diving in.

"Robin what happened?" Mokey cried, helping him to his feet.

"Did we get the wrong tunnel?" Gobo asked. "Sometimes these...what do you call them, pipes? Look really similar eh."

Robin took a few deep breaths to calm down. "Yeah." he nodded. "Wrong tunnel."
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"FWAGGLE!!" Junior dove for the garden-raiding pest, but the critter sprang into the air at the last moment, and he crashed to the ground with a grunt and a thud. The green thing landed just out of reach.

"Are you okay?"

Junior gaped and blinked at the thing. "Wait a minute. You're not a Fwaggle."

"No, I'm a frog." Robin said. He'd come up here on advice from Mokey to see if the Trash Heap had any advice regarding his future. And while the song she'd sung had been catchy, he didn't have much more idea of what to do next than he had before. She seemed to have been advising him to go ahead and pursue a career in show business, but that was what he already had determined.

"What's a fwog?" Junior asked. He'd never seen the like before.

So Robin tried to explain that he was an amphibian, but such scientific distinctions seemed to go right over Gorg's head.

"You don't eat wadishes do you?" he asked suspiciously.

"Not particularly." Robin assured him. "I prefer flies."
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Well, this was it. Robin and Anastasia had been together for almost the entire four years of their college career. And now that they were graduating, it seemed that life was pulling them in different directions.

Anastasia was returning to Nova Scotia, with no plans to return to the US in the foreseeable future. And while Robin still wasn't sure where he was going from here, he did know that it wasn't there.

They stood in the concourse, neither quite sure what to say. Naturally, as Muppets, it came to them.

Anastasia reached out and stroked Robin's cheek. A band of buskers nearby spontaneously began to play. "Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road. Time grabs you by the wrist, directs you where to go. So make the best of the this test and don't ask why. It's not a question but a lesson learned in time. It's something unpredictable, but in the end is right. I hope you have the time of your life."

Robin swallowed the lump in his throat and kissed her hand. The buskers smoothly changed their tempo and style. "So take the photographs and still frames in your mind. Hang it up on a shelf, with good health and good times. Tattoos of memories and dead skin on trial. For what it's worth, it was worth all the while. It's somethin' unpredictable, but in the end is right. I hope you have the time of your life."

Their separate flights were announced right after the other. But they each cast one last look over their shoulder before boarding.
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Gobo returned to Fraggle Rock, but Robin elected to go to Leda's home with the others, for further moral support as she attempted to regain her capacity to feel. Convincing her of the necessity of that was the easy part. As it turned out, none of them had the first clue how to go about it.

"Are we just supposed to hope that in a safe environment surrounded by friends and family she'll feel safe enough to lower her shields?" Sai asked. "I mean, maybe that would work, but I'd really feel better if we had a plan."

"It took the fear of losing Wolfboy to get me to speak again." Leda mused. "And I never would have regained all my repressed memories if it hadn't been for the fever I had during Peca withdrawal. Maybe it'll happen on it's own but..."

"I, have an idea." Sila said hesitantly. "Robin remember how you helped me on the island? Do you think you could do that again?"

Robin pondered that. "I think so, but your other mother and Gobo were there to help too." He looked around at everyone assembled. Leda's Grandmother, Wiseguy, Leander, Strider, Sai, and Ember. Bardic magic had seemed to come naturally to Gobo, and Robin had felt a certain connection to it as well. Maybe it was a Muppet thing. Polaris had spent enough time around bards that maybe she'd picked it up but...

"Let me make a few calls." he suggested.

If nothing else came of this, the astonishment on the looks of everyone when the horde of frogs, bears, chickens and...things arrived via portal, made it worth the logistics of getting them all here.

"Your world is...remarkable." Leander finally said diplomatically. He looked at the one called Gonzo. "What are you?"

"No one knows." the long nosed one admitted. "But no one knows what Beaker is either so why worry?"

"Thank you for coming." Grandma Danan said to the man...frog, who appeared to be their leader. "This may seem like an odd request."

"Well usually these sorts of things happen spontaneously." Kermit told her. "But we manage to help each other out of er, funks all the time."

"Okay then." Sila smiled hopefully. "Let's do this."

The idea was to ease Leda out of her shelter, not only with the safe environment and love of those around her, but to help her feel confident enough to deal with the recent traumatic events.

Robin started them off, and little by little the rest of the Muppets and Sila joined in. Leda's Grandmother was the first of the others to be swept up in the spell of the song, but the others soon found themselves singing as well.

"Then maybe even you,
can believe in you, too." The music faded, and everyone stared at Leda. They had no idea if she'd let down her shields, but the music certainly had done...something.
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“Do we have a plan?” Ana asked. “We should have a plan.”

Robin, perched on her shoulder agreed. “They know the island, and we don't.”

Gobo scampered through the brush ahead of them, scouting ahead.

“And none of us is exactly doing a good job of hiding our trail.” Tim grumbled. “We need weapons at least.”

“If we can get to the dock, I know how to sail.” Ana suggested. “And then we can get far enough away that Miss Leda can use her magic again.”

“If we can though,” Leda said, “We should get those shackles off of Tim. For one thing he's hampered by being bound like that, and for another this sword of his sounds pretty useful.”

“Right.” Tim nodded. “I like this somewhat of a plan. Leda, Ana can you tell if we're going in the right direction for the dock?”

“Nope.” Leda shook her head.

“We're going downhill, that's something.” Ana added.

[Continued from here.]
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