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Graduation was rapidly approaching, and Robin was both exhilerated, and terrified. Maybe about half of the students who'd started as freshmen at this school when he had, were still here. Of those, many had changed their focus. Anastasia was still there, but had dropped most of the acting classes to focus on music. Pepe was still around of course, and still Robin's roommate. It was going to be so weird to say goodbye to him.

Pepe's plan was to return to Spain, at least for a while and try his luck there. "But I think what I really want to do okay," he'd said, "Is get into those Mexican Telenovelas." Robin had seen some of those. He could guess why Pepe was so interested.

Robin's main reason for fear, was that he actually wasn't sure what to do after graduation. There were so many options! Uncle Kermit of course had made it clear he was welcome to come live with him in Los Angeles and get a film and/or television career going. He still had brochures from every Masters Program he'd received for both music and acting. (and that was another thing, he wasn't sure if he should focus on music or acting)

But he wasn't sure he wanted to stay in school. He thought he'd like to venture out into the 'real world' for a while. But did he want to go to LA? He knew he didn't want to go back to Florida yet, or stay in New York. So where to go? What to do?

And then one day while doing laundry, he'd found a Fraggle Hole. And he decided that he knew what he would do that summer, at least.

[Open for the usual calls, texts, etc.]


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