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Floyd, New Mexico to be exact. That was where Doc and Sprockett now resided, and so where Robin was spending a few days before he could get transportation to Albuquerque and then to California.

Doc had been surprised to see Robin, whom he had met years ago when he and Sprockett had rented Fozzie's mother's house for a quiet Christmas. Things had not quite gone as planned, since Fozzie had invited every Muppet he knew to spend Christmas at the house.

And though he hadn't quite recalled Robin's name, he'd remembered that holiday fondly.

Soon after arriving, Robin sent off a quick e-mail to his friends;

Hi everybody! I'm back from Fraggle Rock, and I have to say, I've never felt sorry for tall people before, but since you can't go see Fraggle Rock for yourselves...anyway I took a lot of pictures.

I can't say I've come back with any better idea of what to do next, but I have returned, feeling better about not knowing. The fact is, I can do anything! And I can't wait to see what happens next!
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Robin had known even before emerging from the tunnel, that once again they had come to the wrong place. According to Gobo Doc and Sprockett lived in the desert. And Robin could smell, and hear the sea even through the walls of the building the tunnel opened into.

But Robin felt like exploring a bit. Interestingly enough, the man who lived here (which as it turned out was a British lighthouse), B.J. also had a dog named Sprockett.

Needing a break, Robin and the Fraggles took advantage of B.J.'s hospitality, in the form of a picnic. The rocky coast of the island was beautiful, and though Boober was too worried about the waves to approach the shore, they were having a wonderful time.

They had also been introduced to a Muppet Seal, a local girl named Saoirse. After dinner, she sang for them.

"'Tis a traditional Seal song." she told them. After a verse or two, Robin and Gobo accompanied her.


Jul. 11th, 2015 10:35 am
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"Are you sure this is the right tunnel?" Wembly asked. They had been travelling quite a while since Robin's failed attempt to get back home.

"Well..." Gobo said vaguely. "Not really. I know I've been in this tunnel before. And I know it leads to Outer Space."

Outer Space was what the Fraggles called the surface world. There were many openings from Fraggle Rock, all over the globe, and apparently, even other worlds.

"Hey maybe this one leads to Fozzie's Mom's house." Robin suggested. He would be okay with that. It'd be simple enough to get home from there.


"Hallo, was machst du denn hier unten?"

Nope, not Fozzie's Mom's house.

"Uh, do you speak English?"

"Englisch? Ich fürchte nicht. Sprechen Sie Deutsch?"

"German?" Robin guessed.


"Er, no. No sorry. I guess I got the wrong tunnel again. Sorry to bother you."

"Keine Sorgen machen. Viel Glück."


Jul. 10th, 2015 01:51 pm
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Apparently, even Fraggles as proficient at pathfinding and exploring as Gobo can get turned around. Or possibly Fraggle Rock could be as tricky as portalocity or the Fandom Causeway. Whatever the reason, Robin was not expecting to emerge from the tunnel into what appeared to be a very well stocked kitchen.

Apparently the resident canine was not expecting to see him either. He lunged at Robin, barking.

"Le bark! Le woof!"

Robin escaped onto the table, but in the process he put the dog between himself and the Fraggle hole.

"Croquette? Que faites-vous aboyer?" said a voice. It was followed soon after by a chef, who took in the situation quickly enough. "Oh! Une grenouille! Belles jambes."

Robin didn't know French, but he knew about certain french cuisine that he was not eager to supply.

"Look! A distraction!" he cried, pointing over the chef's shoulder. Both he and the dog, Croquette, Robin guessed, looked to see what he was pointing at.

Yoing! Robin bounded as quickly as he could for the hole, diving in.

"Robin what happened?" Mokey cried, helping him to his feet.

"Did we get the wrong tunnel?" Gobo asked. "Sometimes these...what do you call them, pipes? Look really similar eh."

Robin took a few deep breaths to calm down. "Yeah." he nodded. "Wrong tunnel."
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"FWAGGLE!!" Junior dove for the garden-raiding pest, but the critter sprang into the air at the last moment, and he crashed to the ground with a grunt and a thud. The green thing landed just out of reach.

"Are you okay?"

Junior gaped and blinked at the thing. "Wait a minute. You're not a Fwaggle."

"No, I'm a frog." Robin said. He'd come up here on advice from Mokey to see if the Trash Heap had any advice regarding his future. And while the song she'd sung had been catchy, he didn't have much more idea of what to do next than he had before. She seemed to have been advising him to go ahead and pursue a career in show business, but that was what he already had determined.

"What's a fwog?" Junior asked. He'd never seen the like before.

So Robin tried to explain that he was an amphibian, but such scientific distinctions seemed to go right over Gorg's head.

"You don't eat wadishes do you?" he asked suspiciously.

"Not particularly." Robin assured him. "I prefer flies."


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