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Gobo returned to Fraggle Rock, but Robin elected to go to Leda's home with the others, for further moral support as she attempted to regain her capacity to feel. Convincing her of the necessity of that was the easy part. As it turned out, none of them had the first clue how to go about it.

"Are we just supposed to hope that in a safe environment surrounded by friends and family she'll feel safe enough to lower her shields?" Sai asked. "I mean, maybe that would work, but I'd really feel better if we had a plan."

"It took the fear of losing Wolfboy to get me to speak again." Leda mused. "And I never would have regained all my repressed memories if it hadn't been for the fever I had during Peca withdrawal. Maybe it'll happen on it's own but..."

"I, have an idea." Sila said hesitantly. "Robin remember how you helped me on the island? Do you think you could do that again?"

Robin pondered that. "I think so, but your other mother and Gobo were there to help too." He looked around at everyone assembled. Leda's Grandmother, Wiseguy, Leander, Strider, Sai, and Ember. Bardic magic had seemed to come naturally to Gobo, and Robin had felt a certain connection to it as well. Maybe it was a Muppet thing. Polaris had spent enough time around bards that maybe she'd picked it up but...

"Let me make a few calls." he suggested.

If nothing else came of this, the astonishment on the looks of everyone when the horde of frogs, bears, chickens and...things arrived via portal, made it worth the logistics of getting them all here.

"Your world is...remarkable." Leander finally said diplomatically. He looked at the one called Gonzo. "What are you?"

"No one knows." the long nosed one admitted. "But no one knows what Beaker is either so why worry?"

"Thank you for coming." Grandma Danan said to the man...frog, who appeared to be their leader. "This may seem like an odd request."

"Well usually these sorts of things happen spontaneously." Kermit told her. "But we manage to help each other out of er, funks all the time."

"Okay then." Sila smiled hopefully. "Let's do this."

The idea was to ease Leda out of her shelter, not only with the safe environment and love of those around her, but to help her feel confident enough to deal with the recent traumatic events.

Robin started them off, and little by little the rest of the Muppets and Sila joined in. Leda's Grandmother was the first of the others to be swept up in the spell of the song, but the others soon found themselves singing as well.

"Then maybe even you,
can believe in you, too." The music faded, and everyone stared at Leda. They had no idea if she'd let down her shields, but the music certainly had done...something.
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