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An Island off the coast of England

Robin had known even before emerging from the tunnel, that once again they had come to the wrong place. According to Gobo Doc and Sprockett lived in the desert. And Robin could smell, and hear the sea even through the walls of the building the tunnel opened into.

But Robin felt like exploring a bit. Interestingly enough, the man who lived here (which as it turned out was a British lighthouse), B.J. also had a dog named Sprockett.

Needing a break, Robin and the Fraggles took advantage of B.J.'s hospitality, in the form of a picnic. The rocky coast of the island was beautiful, and though Boober was too worried about the waves to approach the shore, they were having a wonderful time.

They had also been introduced to a Muppet Seal, a local girl named Saoirse. After dinner, she sang for them.

"'Tis a traditional Seal song." she told them. After a verse or two, Robin and Gobo accompanied her.