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The majority of Robin's accumulated wealth were packed in boxes ready to be handwavily sent home. But because he was both a muppet, and a performer, he had also made one adjustment to his packing for dramatic effect.

He'd placed his dearest treasures, mostly pictures or rememberances of his best friends Anenome and Hoshi especially, and Jack in a handkerchief, and tied that to the end of a small, but sturdy stick to sling over his shoulder.

He made a last check of the room to make sure he hadn't forgotten anything. And as he did, he imagined that there was music playing. And a montage of events superimposed over his search.

Singing in the park, Driver's ed, meeting G'Kar and his daughter, greeting Andrew after the Angel invasion, hiding eggs on Easter.

Oh! How could he have missed this?! The “diary” of Wee Robin. Before going to bed on the final night of the weekend of weetiny, Robin had used some crayons to catalogue his adventures. There was a crude drawing of Savannah handing him an “intaton” to her wedding. Here was a stick figure telling a stick tadpole to stay away from knives.. A drawing of the Magic Box with a notation: “Not reel box”. And of course, a heart, with ”Hoshi” written in the middle.

Robin slipped those into a box, nestling it next to the Best Frog Award, and a photo of Hoshi's kids, and a few pictures of Brianna.

[And with this post, Robin is gone for the Summer. He'll be back in the fall, but if anyone wants to say goodbye to him or sign his scrap book you can catch him on the way out in a below ocd.]


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