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Graduation was rapidly approaching, and Robin was both exhilerated, and terrified. Maybe about half of the students who'd started as freshmen at this school when he had, were still here. Of those, many had changed their focus. Anastasia was still there, but had dropped most of the acting classes to focus on music. Pepe was still around of course, and still Robin's roommate. It was going to be so weird to say goodbye to him.

Pepe's plan was to return to Spain, at least for a while and try his luck there. "But I think what I really want to do okay," he'd said, "Is get into those Mexican Telenovelas." Robin had seen some of those. He could guess why Pepe was so interested.

Robin's main reason for fear, was that he actually wasn't sure what to do after graduation. There were so many options! Uncle Kermit of course had made it clear he was welcome to come live with him in Los Angeles and get a film and/or television career going. He still had brochures from every Masters Program he'd received for both music and acting. (and that was another thing, he wasn't sure if he should focus on music or acting)

But he wasn't sure he wanted to stay in school. He thought he'd like to venture out into the 'real world' for a while. But did he want to go to LA? He knew he didn't want to go back to Florida yet, or stay in New York. So where to go? What to do?

And then one day while doing laundry, he'd found a Fraggle Hole. And he decided that he knew what he would do that summer, at least.

[Open for the usual calls, texts, etc.]
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The Spooky Manor was carefully maintained by the Von Spooky family to preserve it's forboding aspect. But it was perfectly structurally sound and clean as a whistle inside.

They didn't stay there during the winter though, due to all the broken windows. But the resident ghosts had been getting very depressed lately so they'd had some workmen...some brave workmen come in and secure the house against the cold. Artistic brave workmen, who could do the job and not ruin the intended ambiance.

And why had they done this? Because they didn't want Anastasia's guests to be unfomfortable for the big Solstice party. The idea was to fill the house with positive energy, to cheer up the ghosts, and, though the family would miss them, maybe help them move on.

So there was plenty of good food, and there gonna be games, and music, as much joy as could be generated.

The Fraggles got things started.

Open to any who want a good, cheerful, spooky time.
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My friends and I are holding a big Holiday Party on the 20th, in a big spooky house up in Nova Scotia. Apparently the ghosts there are really sad, and we think that if we fill the house with enough 'positive vibes' we can help them out.

That might not have been the best way to advertise this party, but hopefully you can make it!
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The commute was, frankly, exhausting. Robin would have preferred to use Poralocity to travel almost instantaneously to and from his part time seasonal job. But when several of his classmates had also gotten jobs there, it had become a big group road trip.

A weekly road trip. They would head upstate on Friday Morning, and stay for the weekend, then head back to school on Sunday Night. Some of them had classes on Monday.

He'd asked why they couldn't have gone for the park in New Jersey, which was only an hour and a half away. He'd been told it was because that park was in New Jersey, and they lived in New York. Apparently it was some kind of State Loyalty thing.

Well once they were there, he did have a great time. His assigned role was to hide inside a Jack O'Lantern and pop out, scaring the guests. During the day he got to play his banjo, or guitar and sing for them too.

"Blargh!" he cried, popping out just as one guest was getting a very close look at the pumpkin.
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The director had used her influence to procure the best role (in her opinion), for herself. That of the man himself, Mark Twain. Looking very spiffy indeed in the white suit, and nearly unrecognizable in wig and false whiskers, she delivered the typical announcements;

"Anyone using any of those newfangled flashing daguerreotype machines will be fed to the gators." she warned. "Also the management has asked me to remind you that no food, nor drink is to be consumed within the theater. But if you promise to share with me, I won't tattle. 'Specially if it's strong drink."

Then she went on with the actual introduction to the show;

"Anyone seeking a motive in this narrative will be prosecuted, persons seeking to find a moral in it will be banished, and those seeking to find a plot, will be shot."

In the big crowd scenes they had at first had trouble not blocking Robin. So the choreographer had eventually worked it into the number, with Huck either hiding/running from the people haranguing him, or trying to get out in front. Usually just in time for his lines and solos.

Once he and Jim were out on the raft however it got easier, and most of the time Robin/Huck perched on his co-star's shoulder.

They had had a truly disastrous dress rehearsal. And a good thing too. Opening night went off without a hitch. And if in the tearful duet between Robin and Anastasia there was a bit of extra pathos, well, that was between them wasn't it.

[Open for those who got invites. Samples of the music can be found here. I am deciding not to deal with any meta-names, and if there's an issue, just pretend that Mr. Twain wrote a book about his actual best friend from childhood.]
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The rehearsals were going smoothly. Too smoothly. Robin was an optimist at heart but he was starting to get superstitious enough to wonder if there was a metaphorical shoe ready to drop.

Well none were dropping tonight it seemed, as he and Anastasia rehearsed their duet for the third act. Very emotional song for Muppets to get through without crying. Or having something blow up.
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Robin had been practicing on the banjo all week, and while he loved playing, and loved the music for the show, he was glad he was getting a bit of a break tonight.

Plus he was excited to finally get to try on his costume to play Huck.

It wasn't much as costumes went of course, just a pair of overalls and a straw hat, but it was such an iconic look, and Robin loved it.

"Was it hard getting clothes this size?" he asked the woman in charge of costumes.

"Oh no, I just took them off a Cabbage Patch Doll."

The look on Robin's face would have done Kermit proud.
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Last night's party had done Robin a world of good. In the past week he had been told by a theater casting director that due to Robin's very small size, it was unlikely he'd get cast in anything being put on in a large theater. "The audience wouldn't be able to see you."

And then his Uncle Kermit had informed him that the studio producing their next film, 'Treasure Island' had insisted that the lead, Jim Hawkins, would go to a human. Kermit had intended that role for Robin, who had been looking forward to it.

Well, he felt good about the audition he'd given on Friday, so maybe some good news would come of that.

And again, the party had cheered him up considerably. So he sat on one of his favorite statues, strumming his wee guitar and singing. And wondering what to do this summer.

[Open naturally!]

New Zealand

Jan. 5th, 2014 05:56 pm
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While Rowlf had never had the close relationship with Jim that Kermit had, he had never the less been absolutely devastated at his friend's death. He and Kermit had been two of the only Muppets to have worked individually with Jim, the others having mostly dealt with Kermit, only barely being aware of Jim's presence.

Though Kermit was determined to carry on in memory of Jim, Rowlf had decided to retire. He'd always been less adventurous anyway, and after having had success on Television and films, he felt he had earned his rest.

Which is not to say he did not jump at the chance to invite Kermit and his nephew to his home when the two were in New Zealand for the the Kiwi premier of Muppet Christmas Carol.

Now Kermit and Rowlf were hashing out ideas for more adaptations of classic stories on the back deck, and Robin was engaging in a hobby he hadn't gotten to indulge in a long time.

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Robin had attended premiers before, mostly for past Muppet productions, but that had always been as a guest. However much attention he may have gotten simply as Kermit's nephew, or possibly even in his own right as a Muppet performer, he'd never experienced what was happening tonight.

Because tonight, he was a major part of the film. And thus he was a center of attention when he showed up with Kermit and Miss Piggy. He'd never been interviewed before, and he discovered a whole new kind of stage fright. It was one thing to be pretending to be someone else when everyone was looking at you. It was quite another to have to be yourself.

But Michael Caine assured him he'd done quite well. So had Kermit, but of course he was biased.

Once he was inside the theater things calmed down a bit.

[Open for any and all who wish to come experience the craziness of a Muppet Movie Premier]
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Hey everybody! I'm in a movie! )

It's coming out on December 11th, but we're having the premier screening on Saturday November 30th by the Fandom calendar. Uncle Kermit says that anyone who wants to come is welcome. Hope to see you there!

Robin the Frog
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Having barely begun his junior year of college, Robin had found himself with some unexpected time off due to a series of comic misadventures that had left the dance studio in a shambles, his vocal coach recovering from an Opera overdose, and the entire acting staff stranded in St. Paul. Garrison Keilor assured the administration at the New York Academy that he'd have them back in a week.

Plus he was wrapped from the Muppet Christmas Carol.

So the young Frog had decided to visit his friend Hugh the Manatee back in Florida. Things had not been going all that well for Hugh. He had found himself somewhat exiled from the local LARP group due to his insistence on playing a Were-Penguin against all objections.

"I thought you weren't going to 'allow yourself to get bullied out of the RPG." Robin said as they commiserated at the local watering hole. Literally, a watering hole.

"Well I was kinda losing interest anyway." Hugh admitted. "I spent more of my time out of character than in, and the people I mostly interacted with weren't coming very often anyway."

Their conversation was interrupted by a loud belch, followed by a stream of insults directed at them. Perched on a nearby rock was Tully Gator, the school bully. Though Robin had mostly escaped his torments by going to Fandom (where he'd endured much worse and come through), but Hugh had been his principal target for many many years.

Tully had a knack for finding people's insecurities and preying on them. From Robin's size to Hugh's being unusual even amongst other geeks, he took joy in others' pain.

Sadly for him, Robin had his banjo handy.
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Robin was trying really hard to be cooperative and professional here, but he was also really REALLY excited. London! He was in London! And getting fitted for a costume in a big...well, medium sized movie! The costume lady was Hilda, who had worked with Kermit years ago on the Muppet Show.

"Now," Hilda said, once she finally got him into his costume, "Let's see you walk a bit with the crutch."

This was going to be one of the tricky bits. He was still figuring out just what he should do there. Just what was wrong with Tiny Tim? He wasn't lame per se, as far as Robin could tell, he just had very weak legs. In the book he had leg braces like Forrest Gump, and probably used the crutch more as a balance aid.

But he didn't have braces here so was one leg actually lame?

He had a few days to kill in England before they shot his scenes, so he fired off a quick text to his friends, inviting them to come sightsee with him.

[If you think you got a text, you did.]
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It was ironic, Robin thought, that when he'd started his career as an actor he'd been a child playing an adult. And as he'd grown into adult-hood everyone saw him as a child. He still looked, and sounded the same as he had when he was four.

There were few roles for Frogs, or roles that could be believably altered for a frog. Even fewer for wee tiny frogs. This had been made abundantly clear to Robin when the role Kermit had intended for his nephew in his film adaptation of Pirate Island had, through studio control, gone to a human child with a much weaker voice.

He'd tried not to let it get to him but after more and more roles went to either humans, or larger Muppets, he eventually decided to focus on his music career.

His first album, "The Light Side of the Dark" had been primarily covers. His next, "Postcards From the Underside" (inspired by a Neil Gaiman novel) were songs inspired by his travels after college, living in different cities around the world, a year in each. From then on, he alternated between an album of covers and tributes, and original works.

His latest cd; "Not For the Cool Kids" was a mix of covers, and originals. There was also a bonus DVD of his duets with several female performers, including his old girlfriend Anastasia, who had achieved her own fame as a singer.

The fame of his duet partners had undoubtedly contributed to the success of the album, but another factor probably had been Robin's sudden and recent rise to stardom as an actor. His uncle, and Peter Jackson had collaborated on a big budget adaptation of the "Master of the Bracelets" trilogy, with Robin as the hero tasked with the destruction of the Bracelet of Doom.

Having thus far had only a modicum of fame with a cult following, Robin wasn't sure what to do about all this attention, or where to go from there.
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Anastasia had a motorcycle. And they had managed to find a helmet Robin's size.

"This is great!" Robin yelled, from his perch just in front of the handle bars. He had goggles on too, which was fortunate.

"I like it!" Anastasia agreed with him.

They stopped for the afternoon at a rocky beach where there was an abundance of round, flat stones. Many passerby amused themselves by stacking them, and they were no exception.

"I haven't ridden the Cabot trail for so long." Anastasia said longingly. Many of the things she said had a tinge of wistfulness, or longing, or pleasant melancholy about them. "Sometimes it's nice to have an added excuse you know?"

She pulled a picnic basket from the storage container on the back of her bike, and they had a bit of lunch. One thing that Anastasia loved about having a frog for a boyfriend, particularly in the summer, was that she was never bothered by mosquitos.

Later, they stopped at a roadside attraction where someone had set up several scarecrows in various scenarios. The ones playing poker were particularly amusing because they kept forgetting which card game they were playing.

Eventually they stopped at an inn for the night. Tomorrow they would take the rest of the trail back to Ana's home. All too soon, it would be time for Robin to leave, though of course she had gotten a small role in the Muppets' next movie as a singer.

"This has been a great weekend Robin." she said. "Thank you for coming up."

"Thank you for inviting me." he retorted. "I've never been to Nova Scotia, it's beautiful up here."

They sang together in the common room of the inn, along with a few of the other guests. Then at the end of the evening, Anastasia led them all in a chorus of happy birthday for him.

He couldn't believe he was 20 years old.
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This summer The Muppets will begin production on an adaptation of Charles Dickens' classic tale, A Yuletide Song Christmas Carol. We need extras, but if you sing, dance or act you could be more than that!

As my Uncle Kermit would say; "Yaaaaaaaaay!!"
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Finals were done. And Robin would soon be heading home to Florida. Though, the plan was only to be there for a while. Anastasia had invited him to come visit her in Nova Scotia. As he'd never been there, the idea was doubly exciting.

But as he packed his things, he couldn't help but be depressed. Not because of the end of the school year, or any nostalgia about other end of school years, but because today was the day.

Jim Henson had passed away on May 16th of last year. Though Robin had only met him once, he knew the man had been his Uncle's best friend and creative partner. Robin owed the man his performance experience every bit as he owed Kermit. And once he had had his attention brought to him, Robin realized that he had seen Jim many times, and noted how happy the human had been.

Having once lost a friend as well, Robin knew how devastating it could be. So, while the death itself was sad enough, Robin was mostly unhappy for his uncle's sake.

Speaking of which...

Robin had a cell phone that was at least a decade ahead of it's time. Don't ask him how it worked without all the satellites and what-not, but it did. Part of the magic of Fandom he supposed. In any case, when it began to play "Rainbow Connection", Robin knew it was Kermit calling. Doing his best to sound cheerful, Robin answered. By the time the conversation was over, Robin's cheerfulness was not feigned.

[Open for calls and the like, but he'll be contacting people on his own shortly.]
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"I've come to a decision." Robin announced. Five minutes earlier he had flopped down on his bed, wishing he was the kind of Muppet who got drunk. But he didn't drink.

Pepe was either reading dirty stories or translating legit theater scenes from Spanish into English. Robin didn't want to ask. "What's that?" Pepe asked. His roommate was usually pretty upbeat, even when tired. He hadn't let on, but it had bothered him to see Robin disheartened.

"I'm dropping dance from my curriculum next year." Robin told him. He'd been trying his best the past two years, but it was becoming clear to him that dancing, while enjoyable, was not ever going to be among his skill set as a performer.

"But," Pepe was aghast. He couldn't imagine giving up dancing. "But the girls in the classes are so hot!"

"Still have a girlfriend." Robin reminded him.

"Yeah but you're not blind okay."

[Establishy but open to calls and the like.]
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Fozzie's mother was directing the racoons, otters and rabbits who were carrying the tree inside, while Kermit and Scooter worked on the sleeping arrangements.

Outside, Robin, and Grover were teaching the Fraggles how to sled. Naturally Red was taking to it the most. Boober had already decided he'd caught some dread disease and was soaking his feet in the kitchen, while Mokey attempted to communicate with the Swedish Chef.

And Big Bird, with Sweetums' help were hanging lights up on the porch. They didn't need ladders.

[And so begins the Muppet Holiday vacation. All are welcome.]
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Hey everybody! If you don't yet have plans for the holidays, I have just been told that all are welcome to spend some time with the Muppets at a very nice farm in upstate New York. We'll be there from tomorrow till New Years, so if you're up for some crazy (possibly literally) fun, feel free to stop by.

Happy Holidays,
Robin the Frog
Fandom Class of 2010

[I'll put a post up tomorrow free for anyone to ping into any time.]
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