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Back home, it was 2016, only about a decade after the year it had been in Fandom time when he'd first come to the island. Weird!!

He didn't even bother trying to figure out when it was now. He just enjoyed being back. And it was perfect timing really.

In the past couple of decades Robin's career had skyrocketed. While starring in the syndicated fantasy series "Argonauts", he also had a supporting role in Fox's attempt to reboot (to use modern parlance) the Mr. What series.

He did a few movies, but what really had made him a geek icon was starring in the Muppets collaboration with Peter Jackson on the Master of the Bracelets trilogy, possibly the biggest budget musicals ever.

Then he was a regular on the musical sit-com Choir, and got to reprise his Mr. What role on the 50th anniversary special. And now Choir was done, and he was a free agent once again.

Having reached a lull in his acting career, Robin could use some time to chill, catch up with old freinds, and maybe see if he could figure out what to do next.


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